Valkyrie 24.jpg


Black and white female Auggie.

price $350

Non-refundable Deposit of $100

Valkyrie she is a black and white puppy has a cute little pinstripe blaze. Don’t let her name throw you off, she is as sweet as they come. this little girl loves kids, and she is always ready to play or snuggle. Valkyrie is smart she is already picking up house training and sit and sit pretty. She come when called or whistled for and she plays with dog toys and her litter mates. I can put my hand in her food bowl or pet her when she eats, and she does not care. Valkyrie has a natural shorter tail.   

pathfinder 27.jpg



Black and white Auggie.

born 5/26/22

asking price $350

non-refundable deposit of $100

Pathfinder is a sweet fluffy boy who love to explore the world with his bright smart eyes. Pathfinder doesn't know a stranger. He is clever and is already learning house training and sit and sit pretty he also come when called or whistled for. he loves to play with bog toys and his litter mates. I can pet him or put my hand in his food bowl, and he doesn't mind.

he has received 2 Vaccines.         

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