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Corgis, Borgis and Cowboy Corgis

Where every puppy comes pre-spoiled and over-loved! So they will have tons of love for you!

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   Corgis, Borgis and Cowboy Corgis is a family of Corgi Breeders. We have breeders in both Colorado and New Mexico. We have been breeding Corgis and Corgi Mixes since 2012, with a focus on always doing whatever is best for the puppies.

     It is because of this commitment that we choose not to crop tails.  We have done extensive research on this adorable breed of dogs and have found that there is no medical reason what so ever for cutting off their tails. So when you get a puppy from us, you get the whole puppy!  No parts missing. Note that some of our puppies are born with little to no tail Naturally.

     It is also our commit to these beautiful babies safety and well being that has lead us to ban shipping them by airplane. We do however, offer personal delivery of puppies, up to 8 hours away, by one of our breeders, so that we can be certain that the puppy is well cared for through the whole trip.  If you decide to use this option, we do ask that you cover our expenses, of course we keep the cost as low as we can.

     Contact us here on the website or browse to find out about our current litters.

     We are also on facebook, but our primary point of contact is now through this website.
  To stay informed and in the loop, we highly recommend you click 'Log In' and Sign Up  on this page above through Wix. For up to the minute notifications, also download the Wix app and Log In to it as well.

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P.O. Box 264
Logan, NM 88426

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